Documentary, 50 min

Official Selection CPH:DOX 2019
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For the first time in his career, thoughts of actual success has reached Lau's head and now he has to make important decisions. The film follows his and the rest of the band Fribytterdrømmes journey towards the highlight of their lives so far: playing at Roskilde festival

Director & ProducerSøren la Cour Frederiksen
Executive ProducerLars Mitch Fischermann
EditorPelle D. Johansen
CinematographyBertil Rosenkrands Mathiesen, Lasse Gudmand-Høyer, Pelle D. Johansen & Valdemar Bonde
Sound Design & MixRune Klausen & Símun Mohr
GradeJakob Rød
Score & Motion GraphicsTais Thøgersen
GraphicsMalthe Behr
PosterSøren Arildsen
ConsultantsAnders Refn, Julie Runa, Kasper Kiertzner & Pelle Folmer


Documentary, 16 min

A portrait of Isabella during the span of 24 hours

color text A film bySøren la Cour Frederiksen
color text Sound Design & MixRob Davidsson
color text Music & MixSímun Mohr
color text GradeOskar Degn Hald


Documentary, 10 min

Due to privacy concerns regarding the story and the films subject the film is locked behind a password instead of being fully public. Contact me on my e-mail for the password.

A film bySøren la Cour Frederiksen
MusicSímun Lindholm Mohr
GradeLasse Gudmand-Høyer

Mit Rum

Documentary, 4 min

With the isolation of corona as a backdrop, a group of people reflect on what their rooms mean for them

Director & EditorSøren la Cour Frederiksen
ProducerJohn Bonadies
CinematographyAsger Ryø Borberg
MusicSímun Lindholm Mohr

Portrait Of A Dancer

Documentary, 52 min

A glimpse of fear, passionate thoughts, powerful movement, suppressed stress, contagious music and an artist who can't help herself while her passion drives her forward, are the poetic ingredients of this picturesque portrait of a dancer.

Director & ProducerSøren la Cour Frederiksen
Executive ProducerThe Nordic Beasts
ProducerJonas Krogh Søndergaard
EditorAtli Brix Kamban
Dance ChoreographyNoora Hannula
CinematographySøren la Cour Frederiksen
Additional PhotographySophus Wolf, Pelle D. Johansen & Bertil Rosenkrands Mathiesen
B-RollPelle D. Johansen
Live Show PhotographySøren Meisner
ComposerIde Duelund
Sound Design & MixSímun Mohr
Sound AssistantMorten Søgaard
ColorgradingJakob Rød
GraphicsValdemar Bonde Nielsen
PosterLasse Rosenquist Bækkel
ConsultantJulie Runa & Pelle Folmer


Music Video, 4 min

Music video for the Fribytterdrømme song "Sjælemanifest"

DirectorSøren la Cour Frederiksen
ProducerJonas Krogh Søndergård
Assistant ProducerJohn Bonadies
Directors AssistantLaurits Ek Sindberg
ConceptSøren la Cour Frederiksen & Anders Hvass
CinematographyAsger Ryø Borberg ACSøs Andrea Dons
GafferLouise Wolff Thustrup
Best BoyAndrew Berekdar
Production DesignerEmilie Agertoft
MakeupRebecca Miedzianogora
Editor, Vfx & SounddesignLaurits Ek Sindberg
GradeOskar Degn Hald
GraphicsMagnus Packness
Dance ChoreographyNoora Hannula

Julian's Ladder

Animated Short Film, 18 min

The Orphaned Julian and Tun Tun tries to escape a city amidst ruin.

JulianMariann Hansen
Tun TunDuritta Dahl Andreassen
The MayorAtli Brix Kamban
DirectorAtli Brix Kamban
ProducerSøren la Cour Frederiksen
ScreenplayAnton Breum
Voice Actor DirectorSøren la Cour Frederiksen
Production DesignHeather Rogers Meister
Audio Producer & Sound DesignCharlie Goddard
ComposerTais Thøgersen
Sound RecordistJón McBirnie
Concept ArtistsMagnus Christensen, Anna Brandt & Ida Cecilie Meldgaard Fisker


Documentary short, 10 min

Due to privacy concerns regarding the story and the films subject the film is locked behind a password instead of being fully public. Contact me on my e-mail for the password.

DirectorSøren la Cour Frederiksen
CinematographerLasse Gudmand-Høyer
EditorNatascha Ramlow Lerche-Jensen
SounddesignSímun Lindholm Mohr
ConsultantKarin Worsøe